Yugal (Songs)

Here you can download sound, videos, or words to songs, developed by our project, often using the songs in the links below.
Videos can also be played or downloaded from the "songs" playlist at: www.youtube/SpeakGamilaraay

For other songs:

  • Yugal from the Walgett Language Program (2003) with most recordings in Yuwaalaraay as well as words in Gamilaraay, and including, backing tracks, guitar chords etc. is available for download or purchase, see: https://yuwaalaraay.com/yugal-songs/
  • Yugal 2 (2017) has songs and words in Gamilaraay recorded by Loren Ryan, and can be downloaded:  https://yuwaalaraay.com/yugal-songs/
  • Charlie's Songs by Loren Ryan (2022) for ABC Radio has a bilingual approach, and available via Spotify etc.

Ngaya Bana (My Body)

See our page with old favourites "Bina Mil" and "Head, shoulders, knees & toes", as well as Marrin Gamu "The body song" at our page with resources for Ngaya Bana.

"Yaadha Nginu" (Happy Birthday)

See our page with birthdays resources.

"Australian Ngiyani" (We are Australian)



Download words

Songs about gagan (colours)

  • "Colours song"
  • "I can sing a rainbow"

See our page with colours resources.

Action songs and finger plays

This section is still under development. Please browse the Topics and Themes pages.