Welcome to Winanga-Li Early Learning & Care Service

Our Philosophy

Our Children

Children have a safe and nurturing environment to play, be confident enough to take risks, take on new challenges and explore their capabilities which allows them the ability to learn and grow. We value and celebrate the individual personalities, abilities and backgrounds of every child at our service. We support each child to reach their full potential both during their time at our service and into the future.

Our Families

It is vital to build trusting and respectful relationships with our families from the beginning. We recognise that families are children’s first educators and aim to always communicate in a free and open way to work in partnership with families. Our educators are not only here for the benefits of the children but also for their family.

Our Educators

We take pride in providing a welcoming, safe and culturally sensitive environment for our children, families and our community. We work as a team to emphasise respect, support, collaboration and professionalism to provide high quality education and care. Our educators are committed to ongoing professional development and recognises that every day presents a new learning experience for us as professionals. Winanga-Li Early Learning and Care educators each have different strengths and we all strive for the same outcome of creating strong children and families.

Jessica Small
Deanne Kelly
Administration Officer

Our Nuturing

We believe that children need nurturing in mind, spirit and body. Our educators are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. We adapt our approach to the individual needs of children, including special diets and care.

Christine Dorrington
Sonia Cameron
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Our Community

Winanga-Li is a place for our whole community. We aim to strengthen our community by providing education and support for children and families whilst recognising, respecting and accepting differences in people. We embrace and value diversity of culture, backgrounds, disabilities and family structures. The children at our service belong to their family, the Winanga-Li family and the Gunnedah community which is why Winanga-Li endeavours to advocate on behalf of our children, families and the Indigenous community. Our advocacy will ensure that Indigenous views and concerns are heard and acknowledged.