About The Yaama Gamilaraay! Project

Yaama Gamilaraay! is a project based in Gunnedah to support the reawakening of the Gamilaraay language in early childhood.

From 2018 we have been supported by the New South Wales Department of Education’s Ninganah No More program. We started in Gunnedah and from 2023 we support schools, organisations, and individuals around the region. 
If you are interested in your centre being part of this project, please contact Winanga-Li's CEO Wayne Griffiths: ceo@winang-li.org.au

Banmadhaay (facilitators)

Jessica Small - Gunnedah
Jess with Izeyah

Ashleigh Phillips - Gunnedah
Ash with Peyton

Renee Standford - Quirindi
Renee with Charlee and Jaliyah

Kirren Toomey - Narrabri

Deainn Kennedy - Narrabri

Gindjurra (Frog) Hogbin - Gunnedah

Language support

Coordination and support is provided by applied linguist Dr Hilary Smith, with specialist advice from descriptive linguist Dr John Giacon - both affiliated to the Australian National University.

Hilary Smith
John Giacon