Greetings and Acknowledgements

General greetings

Download a pdf here: Yaama_05AUG2022.pdf

Download the songsheet here: Yaama-maliyaa_21FEB22.pdf

Gulbiyaay (welcome)

Welcome to our school - Gulbiyaay dhirrabaa-ga ngiyaningu!
Welcome to our room - Gulbiyaay ngana-ga ngiyaningu!

Download the posters here: Gulbiyaay-posters.pdf

Welcome to country or Acknowledgement of country

An acknowledgement or welcome would usually start with a general greeting, and could include your name and country.

For the main body of the welcome or acknowledgement, here are some Gamilaraay options to mix and match according to the situation:

  • Basic version

       Words: Acknowledgement_Basic_21SEPT22.pdf    
      Sound (by Gindjurra): Download Download

  • Acknowledging Baiame

        Words: Acknowledgement_Baayaami_21SEPT22.pdf

  • Acknowledging Elders

       Words: Acknowledgement_Elders-past-present-future_21SEPT22.pdf    
       Sound (by Gindjurra): Download  Download  

  • Acknowledging land, sovereignty

       Words: Acknowledgement_land-21SEPT22.pdf

A more detailed discussion, including Yuwaalaraay options, is here: 2021-05-compilation_welcome_acknowledgement.docx

Here is an example of a beautiful acknowledgement by proud young Ngemba man Keaton Walters in 2020 (basic version):