Greetings and Acknowledgements

General greetings


Download a pdf here: Greetings-poster_16AUG19.pdf


Download the songsheet here: Yaama-maliyaa_21FEB22.pdf


Welcome - Gulbiyaay!
Welcome to our school - Gulbiyaay  dhirrabaa-ga ngiyaningu!
Welcome to our room - Gulbiyaay ngana-ga ngiyaningu!

Download the posters here: Gulbiyaay-posters.pdf

Welcome to/Acknowledgement of country

Here is an example of a beautiful acknowledgement by proud young Ngemba man Keaton Walters in 2020:

Download the words here:  Acknowledgement_Gamilaraay_21FEB22.docx
Or a more technical discussion with more options here: 2021-05-compilation_welcome_acknowledgement.docx