Nguu (books)

The word nguu comes from 'paper bark tree', and has been extended to mean 'book/s'. This page has information about some books we have been working on with Gamilaraay community members - scroll down to see the links to buy, and/or download supporting materials.

Gararrngan Yuulngin-ban.gaan (The very hungry caterpillar)

See our garrawal (shop) to purchase this little board book, translated into Gamilaraay.

Gamilaraay Yawu-lda-ya (Let's read Gamilaraay) - Set 2

See our garrawal (shop) to purchase these books as a set of two.

Maabuba-la Bulaarr-u
(Let's count by two)

Illustrations by Tracey Sharpley

Download counting sheets: Counting-sheets.pdf

Download colouring-in sheets:Traceys-colouring-in-sheets.pdf 

Dhigaraa gagan.gagan (Colourful birds)

Illustrations by Howard Gillon

[Worksheets coming soon!]


Dhawun ngamingami-lda-nha (Looking after country)

Published by Batchelor Press, 2022.
Purchase your copy for $12.50+pp HERE. 

This book by Gamilaraay artist and environmental scientist Merinda Walters was produced by Batchelor Press in collaboration with Winanga-Li's Nguu Gamilaraay program, with funding from the Aboriginal Languages Trust.

Merinda grew up in Darwin, but her grandparents are from Gunnedah. You can download and read Merinda's story HERE..

In Dhawun Ngamingami-lda-nha Darby meets a lot of dhii gagil ('bad' animals, or invasive species):

  • Bina guraarr - rabbit
  • Burrgiyan wadhi-dha - feral cat
  • Wirrigaali wadhi-dha - feral goat
  • Giidjaa wiyaybaa guwaymbarra - red fire ants
  • Buumadhayaa - fox
  • Guni wiyaybaa - European honey bee
  • Warrungan wiyaybaa - cane toad
  • Nhalganhalga-wan - water buffalo
  • Giidjaa wamba gidjiirrgidjirr - Yellow crazy ants
  • Biguun wadhi-dha - Feral pig

The book describes the problems caused to the environment by these animals, along with what to do if you meet them.

Some of Merinda's animal pictures are available as colouring-in sheets here:






Gamilaraay Yuwaa-la! (Let's read Gamilaraay!) - Set 1

See our garrawal (shop) to purchase these books as a set of five.

These are our first five early readers from our Yaama Gamilaraay! program, written and illustrated with members of our community around Gunnedah.
To purchase hard copies, see our online Garrawal (shop) HERE.

  • You can download free copies on the Our Yarning app (search for Library For All) for either Android or iPhones.
  • Read along! You can listen to and download the sound files below. We hope you enjoy our books!

Gundhi-gu Badhii-ngu

Read by Caleb Cameron 


Read by James (Gindjurra) Hogbin

Yulu-gi-la-nha ngaya

Read by James (Gindjurra) Hogbin 

Minya gali-dha wa-y-la-nha?

Read by Sarah Sing