Gilaymaal (months & calendars)

Traditional Gamilaraay life was organised around seasons rather than twelve months, and there were no words for the months of the year.

Words for the months were suggested in June 2000 at a meeting in Walgett of Uncle Ted Fields, John Giacon, John Brown and Tracy Dodd. Suggestions were made from what the Elders knew was happening on country at the times. These words were trialled after further discussions at in 2019 at Winanga-Li;; the suffix -gil from gilay ‘moon’ was used for each month, and for the word 'month' gilay ‘moon’ with maal ‘one’ to make gilaymaal.

Our materials include beautiful illustrations by Gamilaraay artist Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley, and we have included extra cultural information and knowledge. You are welcome to download, edit where necessary and print these resources for your own, family, or classroom use.
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