Cultural activities

This topic looks at the words around some cultural activities. Explanations use these abbreviations for the GYY (Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay and Yuwaalayaay) languages:
GR - Gamilaraay
YR - Yuwaalaraay
YY - Yuwaalayaay

Sew (verb)

nhingi-li: (will) sew (verb-transitive) GR, YY
muyawa-li: (will) sew (verb-transitive) YR, YY

Giirr nguru garru nhingi-lda-nha.
Giirr nguu garru muyawa-lda-nha.

She is sewing a fur cloak.  

     giirr: truly GR YR YY
     This is common at the start of GYY sentences.

     nguru: she/he with a transitive verb (GR)
     nguu: she/he with a transitive verb (YR)

These are the "" forms which are used with transitive verbs, i.e. they are doing something to the fur cloak.

     garru: fur cloak (YY)

     nhingi-lda-nha:  sew - l class continuous - now (GR, YY)
     muyawa-lda-nha: sew - l class continuous - now (YR, YY))
The future forms of both verbs ends in -li. This means they are called "l class" verbs, and the other suffixes follow "l class" patterns.
Our poster shows Lahni Natty sewing a possum fur cloak. You can download the pdf versions in Gamilaraay or Yuwaalaraay here: Sew_GR.pdf, Sew_YR.pdf