Dhii (animals)

Please browse our resources for dhii (animals) in Gamilaraay GR, Yuwaalaraay YR, and Yuwaalayaay YY - or GYY if the words are in all three languages.

Resource sheets

Please download the resource sheets which list our materials as well as those made by others; some activities; and some cultural background/information:

Activity sheets

  1. guda (koala) GR Guda-outline_23-APR-2024.pdf
  2. bilba (bilby) GYY: bilba.pdf
  3. bina guraarr GR, yurabirr YR YY(rabbit): yurabirr-YR-YY.pdf, bina-guraarr-GR.pdf

Videos & songs

For videos of the pronunciation of animals in our Words of the Week, please see the animals playlist on YouTube.com/SpeakGamilaraay.

Here are two songs about animals:

"Many living things in the bush" 

adapted from "Old MacDonald had a farm":

"Yalaguywaay (like this)"

Adapted by Hannah Golan Burnett from "Hot potato" by The Wiggles":

Here you can download posters of the six animals from the action song "Yalaguwaay: Like this", illustrated by Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley: Animal-posters_GR.pdf

  1. bandaarr (kangaroo)
  2. dhigaraa (bird)
  3. dharri (frilled lizard)
  4. dhinawan (emu)
  5. guda (koala)
  6. guduu (cod) 

With QR codes for pronunciation support: 


Here are some other posters with artwork by various artists:

Lingo Bingo

Our Lingo Bingo has 11 common animals and birds. This version has QR codes for sound on poster-style pictures for practising first, as well as 15 different bingo giraa ('sheets'), each with nine pictures. These pictures are of the cards which can be used by the "caller".

Download pdf of the full set here: Lingo-Bingo_Dhii-Animals_10-APR-24.pdf