Dhii (animals)

Please browse our resources for dhii (animals) in Gamilaraay GR, Yuwaalaraay YR, and Yuwaalayaay YY - or GYY if the words are in all three languages.

Resource sheets

Please download the resource sheets which list our materials as well as those made by others; some activities; and some cultural background/information:

Videos & songs

For videos of the pronunciation of animals in our Words of the Week, please see the animals playlist on YouTube.com/SpeakGamilaraay.

Here are two songs about animals:

"Many living things in the bush" 

adapted from "Old MacDonald had a farm":

"Yalaguywaay (like this)"

Adapted by Hannah Golan Burnett from "Hot potato" by The Wiggles":

Here you can download posters of the six animals from the action song "Yalaguwaay: Like this", illustrated by Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley:

  1. bandaarr (kangaroo)
  2. dhigaraa (bird)
  3. dharri (frilled lizard)
  4. dhinawan (emu)
  5. guda (koala)
  6. guduu (cod) 


Here are some other posters with artwork by various artists:

Colouring in

Lingo Bingo

Download here: Lingo-Bingo_Dhii-Animals_11_FEB_22.pdf