Maabu 1 - 10

This page has project materials focusing on the numbers 1-10, featuring beautiful artwork by Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley, Tahlieah Donnelly,  and our project banmadhaay (facilitator) Renee Horne.

Join the dots

With yurayaa (frog) design by Renee Horne.

Download the pdf:Join-the-dots_yurayaa-(frog).pdf

Matching cards

Cards to print, cut and laminate for pattern matching, with designs by Dawnie.

Download the pdf file here: Number-matching-cards_09-FEB-2024.pdf

Number recognition

For younger children to match numbers written on paddle pop sticks or cards with the border design by Tahlieah Donnelly printed onto the backs of business envelopes.
Download pdf here (for printer set to business DL envelope size):Envelope-numbers.pdf 

Water lily pads

To print and laminate for frog jumping counting games, with designs by Dawnie of gabirra, the native waterlily Nymphoides crenata. There are three versions, all suitable for printing in A3 or A4.

Plain background (for cutting out before laminating): Gabirra-(waterlily).pdf

Blue background and QR codes: Gabirra-(waterlily)_QR-codes.pdf


Blue background and numbers 1-10 (first 2 shown here): Gabirra-(waterlily)_1-10.pdf


Ten children at the fire
Backing track:

Banay Birralii Wii-dha GR
Finger-counting video with Renee Stanford in GR.

Words: Birralii-Wii-dha-Gamilaraay-words.pdf

Banay Birralii Wii-dja  YR YY
Sung by Kelsy Strasek-Baker: Birralii-Wii-dja-Yuwaalaraay-(Kelsey-Strasek-Barker).mp3
Words: Birralii-Wii-dja-Yuwaalaraay-words.pdf

Burrulaa balabalaa (Many butterflies) GR
Sing-along with Keri James - 1-10 and milliion.

Colouring-in & tracing

Lines 1- 5

for younger children, with frog designed by banmadhaay (facilitator) Renee Horne.

Download pdf file here: Tracing_Frog-jumpling-lines_27-FEB-2024.pdf

Numbers 1-10

With pictures by Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley (revised February 2024). There are two versions, one with the number and picture which includes a similar sound, and the second with guide arrows and QR code of the sound files from our coordinator Renee Houldsworth.

These are all for Gamilaraay (GR). For a Yuwaalaraay (YR) version, please contact

Download a pdf file of numbers 1-10 here: GR-1-10_tracing_27-FEB-2024.pdf

Download a pdf file of numbers 1-10 with arrows and QR code: GR-1-10_-tracing_arrows-and-QR-code_27-FEB-2024.pdf


This is a matching puzzle with both GR and YR YY number words (i.e. milan/maal, maa/mara).

Download, print out and choose the relevant numbers for the language you are working with.
There are two versions, one with wider borders to be trimmed and laminated, and one for cutting out and using directly: