Maabu 1 - 10

This page has project materials focusing on the numbers 1-10. For resources from other sources, please see the resource list here.

Videos and songs

Ten children at the fire
Backing track:

Banay Birralii Wii-dha GR
Finger-counting video with Renee Stanford in GR.

Words: Birralii-Wii-dha-Gamilaraay-words.pdf

Banay Birralii Wii-dja  YR YY
Sung by Kelsy Strasek-Baker: Birralii-Wii-dja-Yuwaalaraay-(Kelsey-Strasek-Barker).mp3
Words: Birralii-Wii-dja-Yuwaalaraay-words.pdf

Burrulaa balabalaa (Many butterflies) GR
Sing-along with Keri James - 1-10 and milliion.

Flashcards & book: Maabuba-la! (Let's count)

These both use the same artwork by Sharon (Dawnie) Wortley, with question-and-answer prompts for teaching and learning the numbers 1-10 in Gamilaraay.
These can be purchased from our Garrawal (online shop) here.

Colouring-in & tracing

Tracing and colouring-in, for learning to write numbers.
Download here: GR-and-YR-Tracing-numbers-_1-10_30AUG21.pdf


This is a matching puzzle with both GR and YR YY number words (i.e. milan/maal, maa/mara).

Download, print out and choose the relevant numbers for the language you are working with.
There are two versions, one with wider borders to be trimmed and laminated, and one for cutting out and using directly: