Numbers - general

Here are some general and background resources for numbers and numeracy.

Number chart

An A3 poster with numbers in GYY (1-100, thousand, million).
Download here: Numbers-GYY-A3_20JAN23.pdf


An activity in GYY for tallying number of animals seen e.g. on a trip, or in a time period. Artwork by Anthony (Jack) Conlan.
Versions with or without English.


This is from the 18th-19th century settler-explorer Alfred William Howitt's observations about counting systems in Aboriginal communities of south-east Australia. He describes how messengers used message sticks and their bodies for counting.
Download the chapter here: Howitt_Kamilaroi_Messengers-and-counting_1904.pdf

Photo by Unknown author - State Library of New South Wales, DL PXX 3, Public Domain,