Yaadha Gaayli-gal-gu Mari-gu (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day)

The date 4 August was historically used to communally celebrate the birthdays of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were taken from their families at a young age, without knowing their birthday – the Stolen Generations.

For details and activities, see https://www.aboriginalchildrensday.com.au/


This year’s theme is ‘My Dreaming, My Future’. Our translation uses burruguu, the YR word for "time of creation, dreamtime," and the YR and GR word ngurrugu for "tomorrow" (from ngurru, "night"): Burruguu ngay, ngurrugu ngay.

This has been added to the official SNAICC poster for us:

Download a pdf copy of the poster here: SNAICC-Childrens-Day-poster-2022-Winanga-Li.pdf

What does burruguu mean to me?
We have adapted the Burruguu (Dreaming) activity:

Download a pdf here: Children's-Day_Burruguu.pdf


Dhuwi - "person sprit"
Gayaa - "proud"
Warranggal - "strong, powerful"

Dhuwi Gayaa, Warranggal