Gurrubuu Burranbaa (New Year)

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Gurrubuu 'year' is a new word, from gurru 'hole, circle' and -Buu 'total'. It takes the earth a year to circle the sun.

Burranbaa 'new' (Yuwaalayaay) is related to the verb burranba-li ‘(will) cause a change’. We have used this instead of other possible words:

  • nhuubala 'new' (Gamilaraay), which is probably from English 'new fellow', possibly mixed with the Yuwaalaraay/Yuwaalayaay suffix -bala 'contrast';
  • yilaan.gaal (Yuwaalayaay) 'fresh', and possibly 'new' is probably related to yilaa ‘short time’;
  • guliyaan (Yuwaalaraay) 'new, strange'.

Gurrubuu Burranbaa Gayaa!

[year new happy]
Happy New Year!

Gurrubuu-wadhaay Gaba!

[year-hope good]
Best wishes for the New Year!