Reconciliation Week


The theme in English is "Now more than ever".
Our translation is 
Yilaadhu, bamba-ban.gaan-bala
[Now, lots of energy-very-contrast]
‘Now, with a lot more effort/energy’

Download the pdf here: Now-more-than-ever.pdf

yilaadhu - now
Pronunciation tip: The ‘y’ is often not heard at the start of a word before ‘i’.

Download a pdf here: yilaadhu.pdf

Download a pdf: bamba.pdf

Download a pdf: -ban.gaan.pdf


The theme for 2022 in English is "Be brave. Make change".
See Reconciliation Australia for explanation of the words and artwork at

Our translation is:
"Guurrama-lda-ya. Burranba-lda-ya."

This uses the present continuous (-lda) command (-ya) forms of:
guurrama-li - (will) resist, stand strong (intransitive)
burranba-li - (will) change (transitive)


Download a pdf of the A4 poster here:  NRW-2022_Be-brave-make-change.pdf


Download a pdf of the A4 colouring-in here: NRW-2022_Colouring-in.pdf