Remembrance and ANZAC

Wuuyuu (chough)

 GR, YR, YY (Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay, Yuwaalayaay)
A traditional symbol of peace.

Download a pdf file here :wuuyuu-chough.pdf

Winanga-y-la-y ngiyani ganunga (We will remember them)

  • winanga-y-: ‘remember-y class’
  • -la-: continuous
  • -y: ‘will’
  • ngiyani: ‘we (3 or more)’
  • ganunga: ‘them (3 or more)’

Download a pdf here: ANZAC-Gamilaraay_2024.pdf

Download a pdf file here: ANZAC-colouring_2023.pdf

Download a pdf file here: We-will-remember-them.pdf

Yaadha Anzac-di (Anzac Day)

The word yaadha, 'day' is from yaay, 'sun' in Yuwaalaraay YY and -dha, 'at, in', an irregular form of the suffix -Ga. (The word yaraaydha meaning 'daytime' is from Gamilaraay GR yaraay, 'sun'.)
In Anzac-di we are using a form of the suffix -DHi, 'source, from'.

Minyangay? (How many?)

 Two versions of colouring in and counting worksheets adapted from one is for tracing the numbers, one is for writing the number in the boxes.
We don’t have a word for ‘poppy’, so we have used gurayn GR and guyayn YR YY ‘flower’.

 Download a pdf of the two versions in Gamilaraay:

Download a pdf of the two versions in Yuwaalaraay/Yuwaalayaay:

Minyangay gurayn?
Version 1 (tracing)

Minyangay guyayn?
Yuwaalaraay, Yuwaalayaay
Version 2 (writing in the box)