Halloween (Ghosts and spirits)

Here is some information about words for spirits and ghosts in Gamilaraay GR Yuwaalaraay YR Yuwaalayaay YY languages (GYY).

Please note that this is a discussion about language only. Traditional GYY attitudes towards ghosts and spirits were very different from that of the settlers. Please consult Elders for cultural information and appropriate use of these words.

For more information about the words in different GYY languages, please see the list at the back of the dictionary.

Wanda (ghost, spirit) GYY

Wanda also means 'white man' (Note: wadjiin is 'white woman').
Wandobah comes from wanda with the suffix -Baa, 'place of'. 

Download a pdf file of this poster here: wanda_ghost.pdf
See the TikTok from Gindjurra Yibaay here.

Four Gamilaraay spirits GR

Download a pdf file of this poster here: Four-Gamilaraay-spirits.pdf

You can hear these words pronounced on the video: